What you should know when applying for a job.

How does Edelweiss Gastro deal with the risk of Coronavirus?

Edelweiss Gastro undertakes all necessary precautions and has solid procedures in place to minimize the risk of a Coronavirus outbreak onboard to a minimum. Everybody who comes on board is obliged to fill out a questionnaire enabling Edelweiss Gastro to exclude passengers and guests who show any risks from coming on board. As an additional check, the body temperature of all people coming on board is measured before boarding. Also, additional procedures have been put in place to minimize risks to a minimum and be prepared for it in case the risk of contamination onboard would take place despite all measures.

What are the requirements to qualify for a job at Edelweiss Gastro Ltd?

For each position, there is a job description available our website, www.edelweissgastro.com.

Each position has different requirements regarding your language skills, experience or professional qualifications.

Candidates who do not have these qualifications can still apply if they:

Speak English and/or German, are motivated, are in good health, can be away from home for a long time and are prepared to run several long working days in succession.

All new employees should have a valid passport (For EU citizens a valid ID card is obligated for our administration) and should be physically fit to work on a cruise ship. We may ask you to pass a medical examination.

How does the application procedure work?

After we received your application and we find your profile suitable for our organization, we invite you to a face-to-face or Skype interview with one of our HR Officers. After a positive assessment, we will make you a proposal containing your job title, contract duration, ship/travel info and salary package. After we received your confirmation, we send you a login to a website page where you can fill in all the necessary documents.

When you completed all administration, we send you the contract including A1 information. The A1 Certificate is relevant for citizens of the European Union for working stays in countries of the EU, the EEA and Switzerland. Certificate shows that he/she pays compulsory social security in his/her country of residence.

When we received all documents, your signed contract and A1 certification, the application procedure is finished.

How does the application procedure work for returning employees in new season?

When you confirmed to return in new season, we send you an offer of ‘position & ship’. After receiving your confirmation, we inform you about all the details for next season. When administration is completed, final contract is sent. After this, we will inform you about the contacts on board and other useful additional information.

How long is the duration of the contract?

After successfully completing the trial period of three months, every crewmember with EU passport enters employment for an indefinite period. Our Asian employees work on basis of a seasonal contract. This contract is, subject to satisfactory performance, renewable in the next seasons.

Is there a social insurance during the contract?

Yes. You will be registered with a social insurance agency. Upon registration of your contract with the Social Insurance Authorities of your home country, you will be eligible to receive the European A1, based on which employment benefits can be claimed at your home country.

Do I have a medical insurance for the period I work on board?

Yes. During your stay on board Edelweiss Gastro ltd insured you with our insurance company. So no additional insurance costs needed from your first until last working day, even when you are on holiday during your contract you are insured.

If hired, will Edelweiss Gastro Ltd buy my uniform?

You will pay a deposit for your uniform; we will deduct this from your first salary. The amount of this deposit depends on your department. We will reimburse the deposit after you handed in your uniform. You need to pay for the blue (or pink) shirts. They belong to you. If you want to order extra items, you need to cover the costs by yourself. Shoes you need to bring yourself. 

How do I get additional information about my working environment?

During the application and before embarkation you will receive info by mail. We will inform you about the ship, crew, organization and job. Of course, you will also receive detailed information about the location of embarkation, arrival day and trip planning to the ship from the office.

What kind of ship will I work on?

We will inform you about the ship during the application. Our client, Scylla AG, owns the ships. If you wish to have a look at their fleet, go to www.scylla.com.

Do I have to cover the transportation cost to the embarkation port?

Travel cost for non-France vessels will be reimbursed after probation time (3 months. This with a fixed fee of 1x € 150. This fee is being reimbursed once again after the termination of the season/contract (January) 1x150. Travel cost for France vessels will be reimbursed at the same timings: after probation period (3 months) 1x 190 and after the termination of the season/contract (January) 1x 190.

Will there be training to function according to the expectations of Edelweiss Gastro?

Every (new) employee with a contract for the new season will be trained in the pre-season (starting in March). If you start during the season, we train you on the job in the first nine weeks.

Who guides me on board during the training sessions?

At Edelweiss Gastro, we have an onboarding program that will help you during your start period. During a period of 9 weeks the Hotel Manager, Head of Department and/or mentor will give support to your integration.

How are living conditions on board?

You have a shared cabin with one or two colleagues. This accommodation as well as food and drinks (coffee, tea and water) are free. To strengthen the team spirit we try to organize activities for the staff whenever possible. Our goal is to optimize comfort on board by continuously improving living conditions.

Are there career opportunities?

Absolutely! Well-motivated, social, ho

spitable and respectful crewmembers always get the chance to develop. Edelweiss Gastro ltd offers opportunities to talented people to build a long-term relationship.

Can I work together with friend or partner?

Yes, this is usually possible. Provided you both have the qualifications to perform a function. It will be important to let us know that you both are (willing to work) in our company.

What happens if I decide to break my contract?

Edelweiss Gastro is not responsible for any costs caused by the resignation of contract by the crewmember.

Who are my contacts in Edelweiss Gastro?

Your first contact in your acquaintance with us is the HR Officer at our office. Questions and remarks during your application can be send to this person. The HR Officer will stay in touch with you for organizational and administrative matters. In the season, they visit your ship and you can arrange an appointment with them.

While working on board your first point of contact is ‘the Head of Department’. Second in line is the Hotel Manager and third the Hotel Operation Manager (HOM). The HOM is responsible for activities and performance of multiple ships. In urgent matters, you can reach the HOM who is the connection between ship and office for you.  


For further questions, send a message to jobs@edelweissgastro.com